The pride of Bhaubaneswar, Keshari is a 30-year old Cineplex with a fiercely loyal fan following.

It was the early 80s when keshari TALKIES made its debut to Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Now it’s one of the most successful single screens in the city. Which still lacks a multiplex. Opening with movies Badle ki Aag and Ek Baar fhir, KESHARI stands tall on a sprawling 43,560-sq ft plot. Which includes parking place.
“Our USP is our centralized location and the comfort we offer our audience. We owe our loyalties to them “ says proud owner Singh. We offer patrons ample space for parking and the affordable ticket prices make them keep coming back.
The cinema hall is perfect for families and couples, thanks to its affordable rates and plush amenities. The balcony is divided in two section – upper balcony 102 priced at Rs60, Balcony capacity 304priced at Rs50, upper stall 391 priced at Rs 40 and front stall 59 priced at Rs 15. With Dolby RNX digital sound quality, keshari provides the comfort of a multiplex in terms of seating and screen clarity. The seat are a vivid blue, they have a comforting console, and provide sufficient legroom. With wooden panels and an elegant white roof, which complements the lobby.
Principally playing the latest Hindi releases, keshari also screens English dubbed and regional films for movie buff from surrounding areas. During the durga puja festival and the local June festival, the single screen plays mainly oriya films.
The cinema hall is a two-storey building; with influences of modern architecture. A vestige of simplicity is what KESHARI is all about. The façade is white and cream , matching the color scheme of the surroundings while film hoardings decorate the strure in its own subtleway.
kessari has two canteens, one on each level, and edibles are sold at very affordable rate .beverages including cold drink are sold at standadised rate.
Remarks Singh ‘’Our closest competition is SSS (sriya, suttee and swati three cinema halls in the same complex. But our cinema has a fiercely loyal following. Yes, keshari has a special place in their heart”